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Sampaguita Forearm Tattoo

Floral & Asian Tattoos

Zen Tattoo specializes in Floral & Asian Tattoos. We aim to create quality custom Tattoo work while providing a relaxing and welcoming environment

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About Me

Romeo Reyes is the driving force behind Zen Tattoo, a tattoo studio where quality work and a welcoming atmosphere are top priorities. Romeo's journey began in 2009 when he worked for a Tattoo Supply Company before eventually becoming a Tattoo Shop Manager. With a lifelong passion for drawing, painting, and all things creative, Romeo's interest in tattooing dates back to his childhood. In fact, he was so keen on the art form that he would draw tattoo designs on his skin using Sharpies during his school years. Even his classmates would ask him to draw tattoos on them!

Specializing in Floral Tattoos and Asian Tattoos, Romeo is an experienced tattoo artist with a deep understanding of the varying atmospheres of different tattoo shops. Having been a tattoo collector himself, he recognizes the anxiety that can come with walking into a new shop. Romeo's compassionate approach to tattooing has earned him a great reputation and a loyal following.

Aside from tattooing, Romeo is also an accomplished actor who has appeared on hit TV shows like "Arrow," "Supernatural," and "The Flash." He has also been featured in Subaru and Vancity commercials, as well as the award-winning short film "In The Deep." When he's not acting or tattooing, Romeo enjoys singing, laughing, writing, working out, and practicing martial arts like boxing, kickboxing, and Eskrima. He is also an advocate for the Transgender community and has been featured on CBC, Philippine Canadian News, and OMNI Filipino News.



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