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Below are some tips on how to take care of your new tattoo!

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The First Day

-Keep bandage on tattoo for a minimum of 3 hours


-After 3 hours (or more) remove bandage with clean hands and wash tattoo with mild, unscented liquid soap (in a bottle/pump preferably)

and warm water. Keep washing until tattoo feels smooth and pat dry with PAPER TOWEL(do not use a towel)


-No need to re-bandage tattoo, just let it breathe


-With clean hands apply a thin layer of unscented lotion or Vitamin E Ointment after 48 hours.

Use sparingly, you don't have to use a lot of lotion. Using too much lotion can prolong healing time. If you are using an aftercare balm(tin) do not share it with others as it is unsanitary.


-Avoid swimming or soaking in a bath for at least 3-4 weeks


-It might get very itchy in the first week of healing, but please....DO NOT pick or scratch tattoo!

Healing Process

-Sun exposure causes tattoos to fade. So if you go out in the sun make sure you apply sunscreen (only after tattoo is fully healed)


-Practise good hygiene to avoid risk of infection. Stay clean especially while tattoo is healing. Avoid exposing new tattoo to dirty conditions & avoid excessive sweat from rigorous exercise, etc. Always shower right after any activities that will cause sweating. Keep your tattoo clean!


-Wear looser clothing that will not cause friction on the tattoo area during the first few weeks of healing.


-Use clean towels and have clean bedsheets for sleeping. If you have pets do not let them sleep on your bed while your tattoo is healing.


-Do not touch your fresh tattoo with dirty hands & do not let friends or anyone else touch it while it is healing.


***Aftercare is VERY important for tattoos to heal properly and look their best! 

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